Just Bought a Regenerator - WOW

I ordered a new P3 power regenerator from PS audio on Thursday afternoon and it just arrived Monday.

My skepticism over any piece of equipment regulates the powerline as no more than a diminishing rate of return has been destroyed.

These units are frequently viewed as snake oil. I viewed them as probably helping some, but it’s really just “what else can we sell the guy who already bought everything?”.

I know these units still take a while to break in, but right out of the box the results were simply shocking. Everything was clearer and more tightly focused.

My system is Pass Labs Aleph30, Magnepane1.6QR’s, OPPO Sonica DAC, and all Mogami cables. I’ll be upgrading the PSA DSD DAC when the new one comes out or used prices drop.

Reading through the DSD mod thread, there’s so much related to cleaning up the power supplies. The difference feeding audio equipment a noise free rocksolid power source like this is obvious when heard. I bet people spend more money on power supplies and equipment than purchasing a unit like this to drive the system.

A good friend with even higher level system than mine bought PowerPlant P12 and after 2 mins listening he said he will never run without one again.

Based on his referral I bought one. Same experience, took 2 minutes to decide to keep it.

30 day evalreturn period is completely unnecessary, it take no more than 3 minutes to slap yourself on the back for the “buy decision”.


What do you plug into the filtered high current vs the regular regenerated sockets?

Higher Draw devices like your amplifiers. They also allow devices that have an in-surge on startup to work better. As for Regenerators, I swear by mine too.

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My class A amp draws constant current regardless of load. Both the amp and DAC are on regenerator plugs.

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All of them are marked Regenerator on the website, but 2 say high current or Regenerator… if you’re facing it from the back, are you using the left-most 2 sockets for your AMP and DAC or the other 4 on the right?

Ha, I’m going to start telling folks we only offer a 3 minute in home trial. I’ll refer them to this post when they ask why. Thanks for the post! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :joy:


No turning back now. Paul got another one hooked!


Just wait till he starts hankering for a P12 or P15 via trade up
program… :innocent:

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3 minute trial…jamesh…common now you knew you couldn’t have
mine back from the git go… :grin: :grinning: :innocent:

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Gunning for that shady parking space, eh?


The regeneration makes the LPS sound better too! The only drawback is the heat load makes a solid state system feel like it is all tubes. Only sounds better than that.

My experience was the same when I got my Stellar PP3, it only took one track to know my Stellar Strata really liked playing with its sibling!

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Looking from the back, the amp is plugged into the left most duplex outlet with the HC/Regen switch set to Regen. The amp is only 200 watt power draw producing 30 watts a channel.

You can quote me in a brochure or Ad.


Thank you!

Go, go, go, go! Yes, that’s what I call one of those exciting moments. The kind we all hope to get. I love it when Bam! It just happens.


One of the best upgrades any system can get, imho.