P20--arrival and installation

There was a time I had all outlets full and it was the right choice. Oddly, now I have less need for it but seeing what a P20 gets on the used market I’ll keep it until I die. Worst case scenario I use it for a weight. There was also a time when the talk was that a P20 sounds noticeably better than any of the smaller Regenerators. That was the main reason I bought it. That and it looks so bitchin. I was stunned when I plugged everything in and it only needed to supply under 400 watts to all my gear. Now it’s half that.

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Problem is that both pp3 and p12 have 4 uk sockets and p15 has 9. I want a p13 that has 6

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I also adhere to Nelson’s advice and plug my 260.8’s directly into the wall. And yet… my friend has an X250.5 and an ancient Tice Powerblock IIIc (I think). For years he followed the same recommendation. Then he decided to try an experiment and discovered ultimately that the amp in fact did sound better when plugged into the Tice! No dynamic limitations, just sounded better to him.

It’s gotta make you wonder how the Passes would sound plugged into a P20. Unfortunately I have only a P15. But it draws only about 200W quiescent with just my line gear. :thinking:

While acquiring a P20 as more future proof is potential motivation, the P20 provides the best sound via lower impedance, higher headroom, etc.

On another topic, which some amp manufacturers state their amp sounds best plugged into the wall I would try plugging any amp into a PowerPlant to test this claim.


Chris5 … the beauty of your Quadraspire rack is you can buy different size spacers.
Additionally the spacers screw into each other so for example you could take two 140 mm columns, screw them together and you have a 280 mm spacer column.
I have the standard Quadraspire race with a good assortment of spacers and I mix and match spacers together to give me the shelf heights I need.

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Right on Elk…

Mr Pass et all know how to design outstanding tol amps…but have forgotten
that an ac clipped sine wave will never be corrected by their power supplies…
no matter how stout they maybe…

As for class A amps being a burden to a P20…Baloney !!

Here is a link to an old post where the poster is running 2 Emotiva XPA 1
monoblocs in pure 60 watt class A, plus a Plinius class a on a P12 …YES
a P12…the P12 while working more than the norm still taking it all in stride…
Post includes pix of the power watt meter on amp boot up and then in use…

Now if a P12 can handle all that…a P20 would far outclass that…
My new Parasound JC5 being powered by my new P15 is super
happy with the regenerated power…

Hope ya’ll take the time to read thru and observe the illutrations !!

Hope this helps!!

Thanks for the idea. The max single piece height is 12 3/4 inches, would that be enough for a P20?

I think the P20 height is 11 inches?
You should be able to find out from the online manual.
I can’t check as I’m out and about.
As before, you can use two different height spacers to give whatever height you need.

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Looking at the specs, there is only 800VA continuous load difference between the P12 and the P20 1200VA vs 2000VA. and in fact the spec shows the peak on the P12 is actually greater than the P20 which is bizarre!

I guess your are really paying the extra 5K for the number of devices you can connect.

I suspect sonically the differences are very small and certainly does not justify 5K for the P12 over a P20. I would probably prefer to buy the new Ds MkII With that

Yes, you are right, still increasing the height of my rack by that much may mean I won’t be able to reach the top shelf :wink:

Like anything, nothing is absolute. I’ve had 5 Pass amps. Some sound much better into the P20. Some don’t.

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The difference is more than merely more outlets. :slight_smile:

Many have reported significant improvement upgrading to a P20 from a P15, and even greater between a P20 and a P12.

But everything is relative, as well as dependent on your needs and desires. It certainly may be a better choice to buy the upcoming DSD II than upgrade a PowerPlant.


There are some folks transitioning from P20 to the Shunyata Everest and like that better. Perhaps ot is its RFAnd EMI filters. But there are also new Shunyata Power Cords that supposedly do the same thing for in wall amps adding capacitance and filters. Still the P20 looks cost effective up against the Everest and all the Shunyata extra cords before and after it , they still recommend for best sound.

But wait a minute what about all of PSA recommendations on AQ Dragon cords. There is still a common factor on the flow of money and power in all manufacturers recommended power conditioner configurations. We give you power you give us 10 to 30K and you will love your sound as much and more as we love more money you give us.

But I am still happy with my more modest P20 connections in that its still better sound than before especially when offered for less than MSRP.


The Everest is an interesting product and I enjoy how it looks. I would be delighted to try one out.


Yep bring on the Pangea AC9SE MkIIs…hard to beat…and how high up the $$$$$
chain to surpass them and then how much of an improvement if any…

“I was sad because I had no P20, then I met a man who had a P3.” (me) :wink:


All of the PowerPlants do a great job.

I have a Power Plant Premier, a fairly old unit at this point. It works well, does its job nicely, robust. It has nothing to apologize for.


Based on my experience with the Stellar P3, I have to agree. I hope my joke didn’t give the opposite impression. It’s just that it was teed up so perfectly, I had to take the shot. :wink:

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I giggled a bit. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Reading Fremer’s column in today’s new issue of Stereophile makes me think I should go ahead and try plugging my Antileon Evo Power Amp into my P20. I guess I can give it a try…