P20 cable responsiveness

Can anyone help me understand why, considering the essential function of a regenerator, why my P20 is so responsive to different power cables?

I can’t offer any fancy explanations. It doesn’t surprise me though, as that was the case with my PPP, the P5 I owned, and the P10 I have now. All I can say is. . .power cables DO influence sound of components, even regenerators.

That pc’s make a useful difference, I have no doubt. But the power regenerator, regenerating what went in, just doesn’t find a logical home in my head.
ps—know why our heads are round?

Well, my brain sort of gets it. The cleaner your incoming power is the better the regenerator works, it has less hard work to do compared to really odd and dirty power coming in. Power cords do influence the nature of the power coming in through them I believe, hence I can conceive of them influencing the way the regenerator accepts the incoming power and works with it.

As for our head shape . . . I honestly think that the vaginal canal has something to do with it. . . but I don’t think that’s the answer you are seeking. . . .Abstractly a round shape helps thoughts become “wrapped around.”

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perfect! …so our thoughts can change direction

It’s a blessing as otherwise I think my brain may look like. . . .

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I’m sitting here listening (while I should be working) and the bass slam (I always wanted to say that) with the new power cable into the P20 is remarkable. Much weightier, defined, enjoyable.

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Which power cable did you end up going with for your P20?

I feel a bit uncomfortable here but I will say that moving from an AC12 to a Shunyata Alpha NR cable was eye opening. The quality, the depth and definition of the bass was remarkable.
I have since replaced all my power cables with Shunyata and I have no regrets spending the money.
The next biggest improvement was to my Pass Labs X150.8 amplifier; accommodating those “big gulps”! And the DSD SR.


Don’t ever feel uncomfortable sharing your preferences. We all learn more when you share your experiences and it helps move the hobby forward to discuss these sort of things. Shunyata makes great cables, no doubt about it.

Glad to hear the switch is doing great things in your system! :grin:


Well, said.

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I wish I was one who can’t hear any difference in power cables. I also wish I could get my curiosity in check. But I tried a Shunyata Sigma NR on my P20, replacing an Alpha. Open wallet, money fly out.


What’s the difference between the Shunyata Sigma and Alpha?


Just kidding.


Could not resist…

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I guess I deserved that!


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SR Sigma NR - 6ga
SR Alpha NR - 8ga
SR Delta NR - 10ga

Oh man: $3K for a power cable. That has to hurt. Hard to describe to someone outside the hobby. I don’t even try to justify any of it to anyone.


Yeah - that Ron is loaded buying Shunyata power cables… wish I had his money… looking to be adopted @RonP I’ll even say I love Porsches…


It seems they’ve brought back the Venom. That used to be the go-to budget choice at - I think it was $99. Never had one of those back in the day. I think they’re $125 now.

This is fun!

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