P20 freezing up again?

Is there going to be a firmware cure for the frozen screen? I have the latest and it still freezes up. It takes a rear main power cycle to cure and then a week or so later, same freeze up.

I have not experienced this. Let me get with our director of engineering, Matt, to see what he suggests.

I’m sorry to hear your P20 is still freezing up. There were a few issues we had early on with touch screen communication where the unit would freeze waiting for a touch event that wasn’t occurring. However, version 1.19 should have all that fixed. I have heard of a couple P20s freezing every couple weeks or month, but have had a hard time getting it replicated here. Would you be willing to try a special test code that will help identify what is happening on your unit when it does freeze? PM me if you’re interested. It may take a couple days for me to get a debug code together that will log the details we will need to resolve the issue.


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Any update?


Nothing. I have not received any code.

I started a new thread, not knowing there was one already. Here’s the thread: P20 doing stuff on its own.
Here’s the problem:

My brand spanking new P20 sitting in the stack for a few days now did some stuff on its own yesterday around noon Dutch time. It was sitting on the screen saver (the 4 meters) when it suddenly went to the 5 green outlets for a few seconds, back to the screensaver, to the 5 green outlets and finally back to the screensaver. Is it possible that you guys at PS Audio are doing stuff on those web connected and registered machines…?

Here are screendumps of my P20… What to do now…? @Paul…? @JeremyBe…? Any suggestions…?

IMG_6234 IMG_6235 IMG_6236 IMG_6237 IMG_6238

I just sent an email to the service team. Hopefully they can confirm if the problem is still being investigated. Happy to troubleshoot if needed.

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Hey Knecht, just out of curiosity… Did you close my other thread regarding this issue…?

I did, as it is a duplicate.

Roger copy…

Just got an email from Kevin Jackson of PS Audio suggesting to cycle power, which I did. I don’t really like doing that due to the massive amount of caps in my AMB Beta24 amps. That’s where the “softstart” of the P20 might come handy… Now we wait I guess…

If if makes you feel any better mine is brand new and having similar issues. I have restarted and it keeps happening. It keeps turning an outlet I have off back on and off again over and over until you touch the screen again. Then later on at some unknown time it starts doing it again.

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Thanks for the support @Veneet. At least mine doesn’t switch (yet). Maybe it’s because I have all my outputs ALWAYS ON…? I do like to have this solved however rather sooner than later. Anyhow: We are in de good and capable hands of PS Audio so I don’t worry at all… :neutral_face:

I have to turn my subs off if the amp is off or they hum. So I have to use the off feature, which in theory is perfect. On my old P10 it worked just fine. This has to be a software issue, and if not they started using some new part (display or something else) that isn’t working well with the software. They will sort of out, I have faith!

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Well… What bothers me a little bit is that it seemed that the problem was over since the last entry in this thread was Nov 18. And now, 3 months later there are (at least) three known issues… Yours, @knecht’s and mine.

It actually has happened to two of mine in a row, so 4

Hmm. My only issues with the P20 are an audible
hum at the unit but not noticeable at the listening position. The other is that the display will come on by its self occasionally when I go back into the room the next day. No settings or connections have been altered. No real complaints here.

Do you have any outlets off ever? Try turning one off (red) from the front and see if it starts trying to turn it on and off. I would be curious.

Well, that is the same problem. It has to do with the new display @Paul was talking about earlier. Mine started with changing display’s as if some ghost was touching it…

Ok, I will…