P20 freezing up again?


Nice to know…thanks for getting involved with this one.


Yes the freezing issue has been solved in software. Anyone else experiencing this rare occurrence should contact us for the update and get this handled. Thanks for working with us.


Hi Paul, I am the ‘lucky’ winner of a screen and standby button freezing up on my P20 as well. Who at PSA can share the revised code? Best, Kevin


Just contact their support channel. The updated software hasn’t been posted to the website yet.


Email me and I’ll get Matt to get you new code on Monday that fixes it. Sorry.


Any reason to not post the new code on the downloads page?


I’ll find out on Monday.


Any update?


It’s up now. 1.19 for the P20 and it stops the screen freeze issue on the few that have it.


Excellent! Well done.


1.19 is the 3rd update I have installed in the P20.
Each time, the blue light will not stop flashing during the upgrade process.
After about 15 minutes I give up and repower the unit.
The P20 boots up normally.
I figure the update was unsuccessful but the
Information screen shows the proper updated firmware number.
Should I be concerned with this behavior?


Successfully installed the firmware 1.19. Flashing for about 5 minutes then go to initializing screen. Will watch it and see any more freeze screen. Thanks.


Hi st50maint,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We believe this may be related to the oscillator code loading.
There is no risk to the unit when this happens as long as the firmware loaded for the oscillator card.
You can see the firmware number in the firmware screen next to “Oscillator”.
If you are having no issues with the P20 functioning then the code loaded fine and you are good to go.

If you run into any problems please reach out to me at service@psaudio.com and we’ll get you taken care of.


  • Jeremy


Thanks. It’s a pretty sure fix, but do let us know.


Thanks Jeremy,
My oscillator code is 0.56.00 and has been that number since my unit was new and had 1.04 as the main code.
Is this up to date?


Hi st50maint,

That is the current version.
It sounds like the firmware installed correctly.

You shouldn’t have any trouble running the unit from here on out.
If you do have trouble with the P20’s operation please let me know at service@psaudio.com.


  • Jeremy


Hi Paul,
I had the freezing issue also in my P20. After installing the new version 1.19 all problems are gone and the freezing didn’t happen again. Thank you and the team for repairing!


Thanks for letting us know and glad we could help.


Hi Paul,

It seems that the problem is not over yet. After installing the new firmware 1.19 there is no freezing of the screen but a new problem arise which is even more serious. The touchscreen on and off of the A,B,C,D,E just turns on and off automatically. I have noticed this for 4 times already now. What happens is that at night I used to turn off the audio equipments before going to sleep but when I wake up the next morning I can hear the amplifiers are turned on for 10 seconds and then turn off again and it continues turn on and off without stop. The first time I thought that maybe I didn’t turn off the equipments properly but no it is a recurring problem and is potentially damaging to the audio equipmets by turning on and off repeatedly. Can I ask for you and your team’s help to fix this problem? Thanks.


Hi Hols,

This is very odd behavior we have not experienced, or heard of before. You might want to reset factory defaults from the (i) icon in the top right. I would expect that to resolve the issue, but if not you should get in touch with our customer service guys and we will get you taken care of.