P20 Outputs - Which to use when?

I may be blind but I could not find anywhere in the owners manual for my newly acquired P20 a description of the differences in the different Zones outlets with respect to sound quality and current capabilities. For instance, Zone D and E are listed as high current outlets. What is the level of high current that would have me using those zones? Some outlets are marked Power Point Premier while others are described as Audiophile Grade. What are the differences between the two and when should I use each, for example?

They all sound the same. The zones marked High Current only limit inrush when the P20 is turned on via the main power switch in the rear. This is for your high current draw devices like power amps. If you don’t turn the unit on and off with the rear switch, those outlets are no different.
The labeling of Power Point/Audiophile grade are just marketing terms printed on the upper and lower sections of the same dual outlet.

Perfect and thanks for the fast response

Are you sure about that? That would reboot the P20.

yes. This has been discussed in depth before.

My understanding is that you use the front panel power button to to activate the high current in rush limiting.
The high current outlet zone should be set to “switched”.

If you use the rear panel switch not only will the P 20 reboot but everything else hooked up to it would reboot.
Plus it’s not very convenient in some installations to even reach the rear panel switch.

Well, yes, it’s true there’s no difference between the top receptacle marked Power Port and the bottom marked Audiophile grade, and yes, that can be confusing because we broke the AC receptacle’s title, Power Port Audiophile Grade Receptacle in pieces (ran
out of room).

But the Power Port AC receptacle is a hard won engineering example of how one can improve power performance through a superior AC receptacle.

That is incorrect. The High Current outputs toggle on when you use the front panel touch screen or the included remote to switch on connected gear.

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Regardless of which switch one pushes, the HC function works when the outlet is turned on, to limit inrush for high current components like power amps… Thereafter, there’s no difference in sound quality.