P5 circuit breaker tripping

Hey guys,

an odd thing is happening with my setup. I am using a P5, a DS Jr and a Musical Fidelity Nuvista 800 as an integrated amp. The Nuvista is hooked on the HC outlet of the P5. But twice (the last being this morning), when turning on the amp, my circuit breaker tripped.

Looking at the performance log, I see a very high wattage peak, around the time I turned on the amp (see the picture below). Any considerations about how I can dig deeper into this issue?

Hi jvvita,

Thanks for letting us know about this.
Sorry to hear that you are having this trouble.
I looked at the specs for your integrated amp:


It looks like the max power consumption is 900 watts.
There could be significant inrush current when this unit is powered on.
The P5 has a High Current zone that should help with this.
Can you confirm that you are using the HC zone in the P5 with your amp?

  • Jeremy

My understanding is that for the high current outlets to do their job, you have to leave your amp’s power switch always in the on position.
You then power and un power that amp using the power switch on the P5.
Are you doing that?

I asked Paul about this recently.
How does the P20 distinguish the difference between an in rush current at turn on and huge musically triggered demand from the power amp?

CEO PS Audio
May 24
Because the in rush only takes place on turn on if you’re using the Power Plant to turn on your unit.

Excellent point. I bet you have solved the issue.

Thank you all for your inputs.

Yes, the amp is the high current outlet.

But, since it is an integrated amp, I do not have the option to leave it always on. It comes alive in standby mode. I would have to short circuit the power button. I am wandering if there is any workaround as lowering the volume before turning off, to reduce the first current inflow, or switch the preamp stage to a non used source or something like that.

What happens if you use a PP outlet other than the HC outlet?

I think I got it figured out. It seems I had a bad interconnect leading from the DSJ to the amp.

While I was listening, the left channel disappeared. I changed cables, and all was good. Also no more breaker tripping.

For now, all good. Should I run into trouble in the future, I will post back here. Thanks again for the inputs. This community makes all the difference.

Regards from Brazil.

That’s great and thanks for letting us know. Often times it’s something unexpected like that which is not unusual in a complex system.