P20 question

I’ve a question involving my P20 screen display I sometimes get a display saying touch the four corners in order 1234. What does this do? And after doing this nothing happens with the display?

This is for calibrating the display. There is no need to access this procedure unless you are having a problem with the touch screen interface.

This just happened on my P20 as well, the calibration screen popped up, out of the blue.
Has anyone else had that happen ?
@jamesh , is this normal or should I be concerned ?

Unless it starts happening repeatedly I would forget about it.

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Thank you for your quick reply, @Elk

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Hi all, I have just got a P20. About every 30 minutes I hear a loud click of a relay. Does anyone know if this is normal and why it happens?

This may be the buck/boost circuitry activating its relay.

What is the incoming and outgoing THD?

What about the oncoming voltage? Anything out of the ordinary.

2.6 in 0.1 out thd
241.5v in which is quite high I guess
Only a lightish load as still setting up

The THD figures indicate everything is OK.

I bet it is an output relay. You may find a correlation between the incoming voltage and the relay click.

Maybe once it’s loaded more, more current drain, relay will stop switching

I do not expect this to make a difference, but perhaps.

We need @jamesh to drop by.

Thanks Elk

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I agree with Elk, the amount of load won’t have an impact on this. It’s simply a factor of incoming voltage. Completely normal.


Because the Vin is so high?

Yes, and it also happens when the voltage in is lower than desired out.

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Thanks James

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Hi @jamesh, would increasing Vout closer to Vin reduce the frequency of the relay switching? I’m also a bit concerned the relay may fail over time if it is switching over 50 times a day every day.

Hi Chris, I am in Belgium and my Vin is regularly around 240V instead of 230V, but I have no relay clicks.

This does seem like a lot of switching.

50 times a day? That’s a lot more than I’d expect! Does it sound similar to the relay when the unit is taken out of standby?