P20 question

Steven, you are completely missing the point.

My hope is you will help a fellow forum member. It appears the answer is “No,” but if you can be of assistance please jump in and help.


I hope this is getting you somewhere with the issue.

It appears your power is dreadfully bad.

It may be worth having an electrician come out to check your breaker box, tighten all of the connections, etc. I know they need to be tight and can loosen with time.

My thoughts exactly. Loose connection somewhere between the outlet, panel, disconnect or transformer. Here I would also look at ground rods or open neutral but I know nothing about My power is terrible here too. 5% to 7% THD in and ~5v swings pretty constantly. It works the P12 pretty hard but the P20’s just cruise along happily. I dont know how power works in the EU but here I would also look at ground rod issues or open neutral.

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Could be a bad service drop, or terminations at the closest transformer. For that matter bad terminations up the line can wreck havoc on voltage and induce noise. Bad street light ballasts can also induce significant noise. Any one nearby using an arc welder or possibly and electric arc furnace?

I did not read this thread. I only read you misrepresenting my experience of power regenerators.

If @chris5 is in the UK, I would suggest he ask his neighbours if things have been blowing up. Next I would call an electrician. A good one, IEE 18th Edition.

“In the UK, the declared voltage and tolerance for an electricity supply is 230 volts -6%, +10%. This gives an allowed voltage range of 216.2 volts to 253.0 volts.”

Hi @jamesh just an update, increasing Vout to 235, reducing the difference between Vin and Vout has significantly reduced the number of relay clicks.

On the other issue of UnitID of 00000. I sent an email to service as you suggested 3 days ago and have heard nothing back, a bit disappointing. I sent a different query to them a few months back and got zero response back then either.

Nice progress. Is the number of clicks now acceptable?

But frustrating you have not heard anything regarding the UnitID. :frowning:

I think so, probably once every couple of hours now. Just hope it won’t fail over time.

At our place of work emails have to have a response within 2 hours of receiving them. Not resolved but certainly replied to.

Once every couple of hours should not be a problem.

I would still check out your electrical system to make sure everything is up to snuff.

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Hi @jamesh
looking at the attached Vin graph I notice the vertical cross hairs line up to the trailing edge of the curve as this is presumably (just) the highest point. Should I try and line it up with the middle of the flattened peak by adjusting the Phase Tune control?

The auto phase tune addresses this. You should only need to press it once.

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