P20 Short Circuit

Haven’t played my system in several days. Went to play music and discovered the system was not receiving power. Looked at the circuit breaker and nothing tripped. Turned on my P20 and the display indicated a short circuit. Rebooted and all seems fine. Never happened before.

All indications are the P20 is operating normally. Normal THD in and out as well as voltage in and out. Any ideas?

I will proceed as normal unless it happens again, of-course. Thanks!


It happened to me once, using my old p10. One of my ac12 had come a bit lose, after I moved the p10 on my rack. Once I reconnected the cable correctly, no more issues.

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I’m 99.5% sure there was never a “real” short circuit.

The silence is so strange, isn’t it? Your tag line would jostle someone, wouldn’t you expect?

It is strange. I could always call and will if it happens again. Just looking for a good theory. If there was a real short circuit, shutting the P20 off and turning it on again certainly didn’t do anything to clear the short circuit. Any kind of 120V short circuit is usually pretty dramatic.

Wow! With a tag line like that, nothing!

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Are you looking for a reply from me? Not sure what I can add here. The P20 is “trained” to look for shorts - which from a machine standpoint would mean a sudden and extreme draw of current. That’s something that likely happened, but how remains a mystery that I don’t think I have anything to add to.

Got it…thanks.

That would actually be an, open, not a short.

lol. Absolutely correct.

Just found out my P12 was “ short circuited “ this morning ( Nov 30, 2019) . I have my P12 just about 7 months. Relatively new.
Main power off and power back, P12 comes back Ok. Not sure what is actually happened. Keep my finger crossed, hope this is one time deal.

That’s interesting. It hasn’t happened on my P20 since I started the thread, and I’ve used it a lot. All has been operating normal.

For the record, there never was a “real” short circuit on my system. High current event over a very short time…maybe…but don’t think so.

Nice to know your P20 is working properly. I don’t think there is “real” short from my gears either. Most of my gears are from PSA (all new, less than a year) except, I am using an old SONY DVD as CD transport (waiting for PSA’s new transport) and Yamaha WXC as network server. My “short circuit” happened overnight when all my gears are in stand-by. Ideally I would like to know what kind of events will trigger the “short circuit” - from hifi gears, from electricity supply, or software glitch. I have emailed PSA Support, hope they can share some insights.

Short Circuit happens when the unit senses too much instantaneous current draw, like what would happen if you plugged in a power cable with its wires crossed. It’s a best guess and the engineers do their damndest to make it represent only an actual short circuit.
But it’s not perfect. Though it’s pretty danged close. Which is why you rarely hear of it occurring.

In the case where you have the warning but do not have an actual short circuit there can be several reasons, but most of them are pretty obscure. For example, turning on a piece of power hungry gear right at the top of the sine wave. Or the opposite,
where the incoming power has a momentary glitch right at the exact moment one of your connected pieces is pulling peak power.

In any case, it’s not possible to say exactly why, but it can be safely said that it is a rare occurrence and generally not one to worry about.

On the positive side, there have been quite a number of actual short circuited cables Power Plants have detected and helped customers identify. And I know of a few that had intermittent shorts in the cables and the unit protected just as it should.

Bottom line, it may happen on occasion but it should be rare if you don’t actually have a problem and it sounds like you do not.


Paul is absolutely right. I’ve received a few calls from people mentioning that they got a short circuit. Concerned just as I would be, they ask me if this means there is something wrong with their PP. Just as Paul mentioned, these can be anomalous. I tell them to keep an eye out and keep me posted if it happens again. Never heard back from them. :worried: You know, the least they could do is let me know everything is great and that they’re loving it. :slightly_smiling_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I bought a P20 a couple of months ago.
Last night, after my listening session, I turned off the amplifier and left the pre-amplifier and the pre phono on standby, as usual.
This morning I realized that the whole system was off and the P20 had the sockets lit red and the indication of short circuit.
Of course there is no short circuit in my system.
In fact I turned off the P20 with the main switch and then turned it back on and, after the initialization procedure, it started working properly again.
If there is no real short circuit, what could be causing this problem? A software bug? A disturbance in the AC supply?
In my opinion, these reported cases are strange and denote the lack of reliability of the Power Plants.
I have already changed three defective Power Regenerators (two Premiere and a P15) and I know something!

How are you certain there wasn’t a short circuit or something that went awry in the AC circuit? The short circuit protection is there for safety. It has nothing to do with the P20’s reliability.

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I do not believe the P20 is acting in a defective manner. It may be that you have a power cord that is intermittent (I’ve seen this a dozen times). I would trust the P20 and try and track down what might be the problem.

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