P20 clicking sound and intermittent hum cycle/short circuit?

I have a new P20 and when I plugged it in, I get an intermittent (quiet) hum and a clicking sound from the unit. These move in a cycle and continually repeat (in the same rhythm). I also get movement that corresponds to this cycle on the meters on the front display. I have plugged in other components, but have not turned them on until I get this straightened out. I have power cycled the unit several times.

Appreciate your thoughts in advance.

I am also now getting a “short circuit” message next to the network information on the display. I tried unplugging all components and plugging them back in to see what happened. All was well, until I plugged in the third unit (which happened to be my beloved Magnum Dynalab 108TSE) and then the clicking and the hum started again. When I looked at the display, I saw the “Short Circuit” message.

It appeared to operate fine until the MD108 was plugged in, then the cycling started over again (as described above) and then I saw the short circuit message. The image of the receptacles on the front screen is red, rather than green (as should be the case). None of the components have been turned on - kind of scared to do so with the big Accuphase monoblocks (A200s) which are power hungry.

Not good. Appreciate any thoughts.

I have put in a call to PSAudio, but it’s Saturday morning, so had to leave a message. If there’s a bolt of wisdom out there, I appreciate it.

Oh boy. Try a different line cord before panicking totally. The P20 is doing its job and thank goodness for that. There’s something wrong.

I tried the stock power cord from the wall to the unit (instead of the after market verastarr cord I was using with my p10). Same results. It powered on fine, went into the cycle with the clicking and the movement on the display dials, but the receptacles were green. After about a minute, the receptacles went red and I got the short circuit signal.

I’m unplugging everything until I speak with a PSA representative. May have a bad unit or some other gremlin.

If someone lets me know how, I can send my phone number in for a Saturday consult if it’s available. Just submitted a support request via the online mechanism.

Since this tuner has tubes you may have a bad tube which is causing the problem. Not sure if this unit has a soft start for the tubes, i.e., a warm up before full power is applied, but that would account for the delay in getting the “short circuit” notification.

Try plugging one device at a time into the power plant, give it several minutes to see if it goes into protection. You might be able to identify the problem by isolating it.

It sure doesn’t sound like a P20 problem, but certainly we’ll help you figure out what’s wrong.