PS AUDIO P10 Short Circuit message


from a couple of months i get this message when i power on the PS10 “short circuit” and i cannot do anything else that unplug the power cable and retry, somtimes re-start immediatly and sometimes i have to re-try different times.

What the Hell??

Thank you.

What is it you have plugged into the P10? It will give you this message when it thinks there is exactly that on its output. This can be from a shorted power cable - and sometimes they are intermittent - or an amplifier that’s not on the HC outlets.

Dear Paul

thank you i will check and revert back.

Thanks. It’s telling you it’s unhappy with something on the output of the P10.

Old thread but this is what I came home to tonight. My P10 has been in place with the same components for several years. What could have suddenly changed? The rack hasn’t moved. Components haven’t moved. Is it COVID? Help!

Probably not the virus. Could be a cable problem, could be gremlins. If it continues, you might have a pinched cable and will have to investigate using the process of elimination. My guess is gremlins.

Try a new fuse. I got that message when I mistakenly put a smaller value fuse in the unit, thinking that the fuse had blown (turned out it was the fuse in the Ultimate Outlet I was using with it instead). Perhaps the fuse is beginning to be challenged?

Fortunately a power reset (main switch on back of P10) did the trick. Fingers crossed!

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Thanks for this. I’ll keep that in mind should it repeats. I’ve had a Synergistic Research fuse installed since (almost) day 1.

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I just got the short circuit message this morning…everything was off and I couldn’t do anything.

I restarted now everything seems to be ok…

The cables all seem to be fine, no kinks…any thoughts on what may have caused that?


My P12 short circuit about a year ago, so I asked here is Paul’s reply P20 Short Circuit

I reset it and it seems to be ok now…but just has me worried it will happen again

Don’t worry at all. It’s not a common thing to happen and the fact that all is good again means it’s fine.

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