No power with newly purchased P20

I just received a P20 that I bought used from The Cable Company.

After I plugged it into the wall outlet, nothing happens. The unit does not turn on or make any noise and the front screen is black.

I tried 3 different power cords that I used before except for the Sigma that I bought just to power this unit: A 15 amp Audioquest Firebird power cord, a 15 amp Shunyata Venom High Current cord and a Shunyata Sigma NR 20 amp cable. I tried different outlets that are working normally with my other gear and no other components are plugged into the outlets at the time. Each outlet I tried is a dedicated 20 amp circuit back to a dedicated panel.

I tried turning off and on the rear power switch, pressing the PS Audio power button on the front panel, pressing all the buttons on the remote control without any response from the P20.

I even tried connecting the ethernet cable to my network router and inserting an SD card.

Any help would be appreciated!

Could it be a fuse? If you have a meter it would be a quick check.


Sounds like you should start with the fuse. It could be blown or missing.

I recently had a fuse blow while a P3 was shipped my way. I called PS Audio, and they had a new fuse to me inside of a week. Or, in this case, The Cable Company could also try to take care of it.

Thanks for the suggestions on checking and/or replacing the fuse. Since I don’t know how to check or replace the P20’s fuse, I’ll try calling PS Audio tomorrow and see if they can help me with this. Again thank you for the quick replies and I’ll post what happens or if I fixed it.

On the back beside what looks like breakers there’s a round plastic cover with a slot. It’s fairly small. Insert a small flathead screwdriver tip and turn counter clockwise and it will open. Pull out the cap and the fuse should come out with it. That’s assuming theres a fuse in the holder.

I removed the fuse and reinstalled it in both directions in case it was installed the wrong way but still no power. There doesn’t appear to be any damage to the fuse or the fuse holder unless I’m not seeing something. What do you think?

Here are pictures.

Unless you can see the filament there’s no way to tell if the fuse is bad. You’d need to check with a multimeter to see if there is continuity.

Shipping is HELL on P20s.

We’re here for you. Just call us or email us. The fuse is on the rear panel. We’ll walk you though.


Unless the unit was severely damages in shipping, it will be a bad fuse. Give us a call when you can and we’ll have some fuses shipped out no charge.

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Thanks Paul and James. I called PS Audio today, spoke with Josh and TJ and they’re sending out replacement fuses. They said if the new fuses don’t work, the unit is still under the 3-year warranty and they’ll work with me directly to get this fixed.

Thanks again and I’ll let you know what happens.


Great to hear! Thanks for keeping us posted.

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Both fuses I received from PS Audio did not power up the P20 so I am shipping it to you guys today to repair under your warranty. Thanks to TJ and Mark at your office for being so helpful.

I hope you guys can repair it and thank you!

Bend your knees and keep your back straight!

Thanks for the update and sad the fuses didn’t do the trick. I’m curious what may have happened to it. Thanks for your patience!

Mark Simpson said they made repairs to the interior of the unit and it is being shipped back to me now. He said the damage was likely caused by the unit being dropped during shipping.

I’ll let you know how it sounds when I get it back.

I received the P20 last Saturday and it had the same no power problem. Following Mark Simpson’s instructions, I removed the top cover and found the cable to the front panel was disconnected. I reconnected the cable and the unit works fine now.

Thanks to Mark for helping me fix this problem.
Ian in San Diego


Glad that you got it fixed. How on earth does that cable come off in transit?

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Good question but Mark Simpson said if the unit is dropped hard enough during shipping that can happen.