P20 static noise

When I’m running the P20 in Multi Wave setting I’m hearing static noise coming from inside the P20. I can’t hear it from the speaker just the unit.
Is this something I need to worry about long term?

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Pretty odd. Is your P20 dead silent in Sine Wave mode?

I’m not lucky at all, I had a P15 with a humming transformer and my P20 also produces a mechanical hum, some days more, some days less. But it is not affected by Sine/Multi settings.
I have a dedicated circuit for my listening room, from the outside of the house to a dedicated panel. I have never been able to solve this problem.

Sometimes the noise is more audible but the P20 is so fundamental in my chain that I need to accept it, sometimes it disappears and I’m happy. I suppose it’s related to DC pollution in my electricity. Tried different DC blockers and other devices but they didn’t fix it.

I decided to live with it, at the end of the day!

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Is noise necessary in PSA components?

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Yes. After all of the design work is done and the product has been vetted for sound quality, Paul has the engineers add audible noise to an otherwise great sounding piece of kit.

It is Standard Procedure.



I have exactly the same problem with my P15 and have had since it was brand new.

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I can hear with my ear up to it in sine much much louder in Multi Wave 2+ setting.*