P20 web control

What is the difference between system ‘On’=blue and ‘Off’=red for power supplied to an individual zone that is ‘On’=green?

I don’t hear any difference, but wanted to check …

The red receptacles are off and are programmed in some way different than the others. For example, I have a zone set to go off when I turn off my P20 and on 60 seconds after I turn it on (they feed my REL subs). All others I leave on all the time. Look at the configuration link to see how it’s programmed.

My question was about the long ‘System Power’ bar on top, sorry for confusion.

Blue means the P20 is on.

When I started using web control shortly afterward the P20 would become unresponsive to in person touch the P20 control. The only solution was to power cycle. I worked with support and we decided the solution was not to use web control. I no long have Ethernet connected to the P20. Somehow I am fine.

Interesting. My P20 usually becomes unresponsive 1-2 times per month and needs a manual power off/on reset.

I use web control to turn on the zone with my tube preamp 15 min before I go downstairs to the audio room. I find web control to be super cool, even if I don’t understand the “System Power” bar.

I really enjoyed using the web control to do similar things. I would turn on zones an hour before using the system. But it always ended the same for ME. The P20 would become unresponsive to control and I would have to power cycle it. I stopped using web control and that stopped the need to power cycle it. I eventually stopped turning off my system.

This was my experience. I would be pleased as punch to be the only one who suffered this.

This would be frustrating.

It was and I worked with PS Audio on it and we found it to be a weakness that we could not at that time correct. I got over it quickly and it’s no big deal to me. What did bother me is when they created a way to pull interesting stats off of the P20 I found that since I never registered it I was not allowed to download the software. I can register it and then get to do so but I am an outlaw, and a rebel. You don’t want to get mixed up with me Dottie.

The outlaw life can be lonely.


Hi @aangen
Thank you for sharing your experience. I had the same issue, but only now I know the cause.

Powerplay does not require the user to download anything. Not only this, but the default scree has the stats only.

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