Difference Between Power Plant Zones

I have a P20. Is there some type of difference between each different zone. I understand the power up sequence is different for the two HC zones but are there any other differences. For example, is there some type of isolation between zones or are the zones there just so you can power cycle a group of components separately than another connected to a different zone?

Early on I used to think it was important to keep components separate. Like digital sources in one zone, and then analog in the other. I later got with and he mentioned it’s not important with the new regenerators now. You don’t have to worry about noise from one source leaking into another. So at this point it’s more for separating the powering sequence if you’d like.

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With the P5 it made a difference to place my receiver, projector, and amps on separate zones.

Thanks James. Does this mean that there is some type of noise isolation between zones? Do you know if there is isolation between outlets within a zone?

I thought the main use for Zones was to configure startup and shutdown delays. (In case you’ve not seen it before, this can be done on the ‘configuration’ page, accessible via the Power Plant’s browser interface.)

A post from Paul a few years back.


Thanks James, you’re always a wealth of information. Paul’s response was exactly what I was trying to figure out.