Power Center Control Panel: regeneration difference System Power <-> Zone Power?

Using the Power Center Control Panel via browser & IP-address, I can switch on my P12 either via the “System Power” button or individual zone buttons via “Zone Power”.

  • Clicking on “System Power” starts the display and runs through the programmed delay modes/times
  • clicking on a single zone leaves the display dark, but powers the respective socket

I was wondering, whether just powering singular zones also provides regenerated voltage to the respective sockets or just works as a plain and simple power switch that merely provides unregenerated voltage passed through straight from the “wall socket”?

I’m specifically asking about the regeneration, since I could then start two different systems individually via a simple voice command from my iPhone without the need to start the P12 via the normal remote, then walk over to the P12 and manually switch off one system via P12s display.

Regeneration is not switched on and off. It is always regenerated power. Turn off a zone and it is unpowered.

I have to warn you there is a penalty involved in just having Ethernet connected to a P20, and it might apply to a P12 as well. On a P20 it, the P20 completely locks up. Won’t respond to anything. You need an exorcist to make it work again.

No wait, you just have yank the power cord out. Anyway, it could happen.

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Thanks for the warning! Luckily, I never had a problem with ethernet on my P12.
As for regenerated power: it really confused me, that by switching on only a single zone from standby via the web protocol, the display on the P12 is not started/stays black - as if the “computer board“ inside was not booted and therefore the whole regeneration logic was unavailable.

That’s the bug. Unplug it for five minutes and try again. The screen will probably light up.

Well, unplugging did not help.

If I click on the large bar “System Power” the complete unit starts, including the display, and looks like this:

That’s perfect.

But when the unit is off and I just click one of the small squares in “Zone Power”, that very square turns green, but the large bar (“System Power”) stays inactive and the display stays off.

Too bad.

Btw. the same happens when I call these URLs from the Safari browser on my iPhone

-calling the same URL again, switches the unit / zone off - the URL acts as a toggle switch

Cool, right? So I could create an action on my iPhone, that I could start with a voice command to power zones 1&2:

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