P20 which fuse


What fuse does the P20 take? It says T4AH250v but I also read on these forums that 5a is ok (better?).

Just bought a preloved mint P20. Had in installed temporarily out of my rack to see what it did. All worked well and great improvement in sound quality (increased depth/height, richer texture…)

Incoming THD was about 1.5% reduced to 0.1%. Connected to the internal P20 webserver. All makes sense.

Was moving the P20 to a more permanent position in my rack, obviously disconnected from the mains. As I moved a connected device (a dac) which also disconnected from mains there was a ‘pop’ sound from the P20. Anyway the P20 fuse is blown (zero continuity). I guess the caps still retained charge. No idea why/how the fuse blew.

So looking to replace it and want to get it right.


I assume you’re using a UK, 240V unit. It does take a 5A, 250V, slow. 5 Amp is absolutely safe in the 240V version.

Many thanks James. I’ll go and get a 5A fuse. Yes I’m in the UK and have the 240v version.

Any ideas as to how/why the fuse blew even though the P20 was not mains powered? The item I was moving very slightly on the rack was connected to the P20. Cap issue?

Anyway hopefully the fuse blowing provided full protection and nothing in the P20 was damaged. The DAC is fine.


Hard to say what could have caused it. If anything is wrong with the P20, it will continue to blow fuses. I’m guessing when you get the 5A in there, all will be well.

Hi James

Sorry to revert on this. I ordered some T5AH250V fuses but see I was sent T5AL250V fuses. So in other words low breaking capacity rather than high breaking capacity which is stated on the rear of the P20.

Any danger of using L rather than H? Perhaps I will get nuisance tripping but nothing more?

Thanks v much

There won’t be any danger using this fuse. Like you mentioned, it’s just likely that the fuse is going to pop easier as opposed to the slow blow.

Just to wrap this thread up. I managed to locate a T4AH250V fuse and as expected the P20 fires up just fine. Nice to be back in business. I’m still shocked by the improvement the P20 makes even when I knew my system was not shabby at all. :wink:

Thanks James for your input.

Now looking forward to the PowerPlay server coming back online.


Great, glad it was just a fuse! PowerPlay should be up and running. Are you not able to log in and see your data?

I am able to log in and I have registered the P20 but when I go to the powerplay page it reports:

It looks like you don’t have any PowerPlay-enabled products registered, or your devices aren’t able to communicate with our servers.

I did send in a ticket and Chris Harden said (a week ago) that there were issues with the website which hopefully will be fixed shortly.

So I’m confused. Not sure if the service is now working or I need to do something on my side. For example do I need to open a port on my router for the P20 to be able to ‘phone home’?


I receive this response when not logged in to PowerPlay and if on a browser PowerPlay does not like. I suggest trying another browser and making sure you are then logged in.

Thanks. I did try in a different browser and same issue. Fully logged in and product registered.


Some quirk is causing you problems. :frowning:

Indeed. I’ll reopen the support ticket from a week back and ask there.

And just to be sure you have it hooked up to your network and you have the little green globe at the top of the display?

Indeed on both counts James. Ethernet Cable and little green globe. Can login to the local P20 web service via a browser.

My ticket has been sent over to your service department by Chris.

I’m guessing it is a firewall issue of some sort and I need to open a port.

Cool, thanks for letting me know. I’ve also sent it over to the web guys. They may have a solution soon. I’ll keep you posted.

One of our web guys just let me know that you should be up and running with PowerPlay now. Let me know if you have any trouble.


Thanks James. Yes I was connected up ovenight. Thanks for your follow up. Interesting to see the history displayed via PowerPlay.

I have two follow on questions which I sent in to your colleague.


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