? p20 with jeff rowland 501s/pc1s and velodyne dd18+ sub?

i have a p10, bought when first released to replace ppp, and i purchased it intending to use with jeff rowland 501s, each powered by a pc1, and powering vienna acoustic mahlers speakers -demanding speakers. i listen to music loud -much louder than most do. well, the p10 regularly shut down trying to power the 501s/mahlers and so, i plug them into the wall directly and, during demanding passages, the lights will dim. now, i plug the velodyne dd18+ and sources to the p10. even just the big velodyne stresses the p10 -think listening to organ music on vinyl. the velodyne may have even shut down the p10. so, i feel a bit disappointed about the p10 purchase, since, when i discussed with ps audio, ps audio claimed that it would power the amps and sub, and it can’t power amps alone and, just the sub stresses the p10. it’s definitely not suitable for amps and sub, unless listening at moderate volume levels. disappointment somewhat tempered because of benefits to source systems.

1.) how will a single p20 running off a 20 amp circuit perform playing power amps and mahlers(speakers) at near full capacity?
2.) can a single 20a p20 power both 501 amps? pretty sure that it will not both power amps and sub, at least for my purpose.
3.) how could i use two p20s to power both amps and sub? what’s the effect of plugging sub to just one p20? seems like a kind of imbalance.
4.) how about just purchasing a second p10 versus purchasing a single p20? i could plug each amp to each p10 and plug sub to the wall or into one of the dectets.


thank you.

Based on the way you describe your listening habits and experiences: I would have at least two 20 amp circuits dedicated (home run) for the system, for maximum performance I would recommend three 20 Amp circuits and one 15 amp circuit.

each of your amps says 1200 watts, which would be 10 amps each. You want some headroom in your electric circuits, just like your amps. It is not a good sign if your lights dim.

the Velodyne DD 18+ uses a Class D amp also, but it will still draw quite a bit of current when played loud. I have a DD 15+ on a dedicated 15 amp circuit.

Because all three of your power amps are capable of drawing so much current I would want to run your sources on a separate circuit.

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thank you for the response and it makes sense and it seems the most ideal option …and it’s not exactly what i want to hear because that’s a pricey option. what do you think about adding another p10 and power the amps and sources from the p10 and sub from the wall.

at this point, it appears that i may be committed to adding three dedicated 20 amp circuits in the music room. while i’m at it, i may as well add three 20 amp circuits in the ht room, where i have two velodyne dd18 subs and the 7x200w monolith amp. this hobby can be so expensive.

Yes, I agree, a single P20 is going to be marginal (but possible with 20 amps). You’d be better off with a pair of them running on 20 amp circuits if your budget would allow. I would probably forego the sub as while it’s nice to do it isn’t as important as
running those amps. The sub directly into the wall is going to be alright. You could certainly go the other route of another P10 but honestly, the P20 is sooooo much better sounding that it would behoove you to at least give it a try.

If you’re in the States, you can get one in and try the single P20 and see.

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Yes, doing it correctly, especially when you are retrofitting can be an expensive pain. Wait until you run out of breaker slots and have to get a new panel!

ha! i don’t think that have enough breaker slots for all the circuits i want to add. the electrician is coming today and i hope that the combination of open slots and dormant slots will suffice and avoid a new breaker panel.

@Paul, thank you for responding. i live in denver. i’ve visited ps audio’s boulder location a couple of times to pickup new gear and drop off gear for servicing. two p20s is just not inexpensive and they don’t fit in my existing racks, which probably means a new rack or two. oh, this hobby.

i shall assess the options of two p20s versus two p10s. i guess, for starters, i could come to boulder and collect a p20 and compare to the p10. i appreciate any other insights that you can provide about the decision. thanks.

I have 200 amp service and 3 sub panels. The electrician can look at loads and can install 1/2 height breakers so effectively giving you two in one slot.

@watchdog507, thank you for the additional info. i shall discuss with the electrician.

Careful, many cities have codes against 1/2 height breakers. This is true in the city where I live. Check with your building code authority first.

It’s approved where I live. All of my work has been done by Licenced professionals and has passed an electric inspection when we put in 50 amp service for the Hot Tub, most recently.

interesting that you mention hot tub. i used to have a hot tub that i removed many years ago and i also used to have an electric clothing dryer that i replaced with a gas dryer. i intend to repurpose both of those circuits for the new circuits. at least, i assume that i can?

Absolutely, if they are unused you will already have the slot available and the electrician will only need to run the cable to the breakers. The breakers will be double size so you’ll have plenty of options.

well, the electrician ran seven 20a dedicated lines -four in the music room and three in the ht room. each amp and each sub gets its own dedicated 20a line. now, what to do about power conditioning? thinking…

I think there’s only one option…

4 P20s… :wink: :joy:

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