P3 capacity question

If I’m reading the specs right, the p3 should have adequate capacity for a stellar gain cell, s300 power amp, turntable, and cd transport, right?

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It should handle them!

Yes, that won’t be a problem at all. The S300 is an efficient amp and everything else hardly consumes much at all. The P3 will be great for this system!

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I have a small listening room with a CD player, Emo Pre amp and small Power amp (125W) and a 500W 12" sub…listen to nothing but music (sensibly)!

Would the PP3 be able to easily cover musical peak component current demands (estimate between 500 to 700 watts total of 120V A/C current-outlet a 20A service)…Never had any issues before?


I’m guessing the sub is using a class D amp. If so, then you shouldn’t have any trouble with a P3. Even with it set to regen on all zones. The P3 can handle a surprising amount of current during transients. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with a P3.

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Thanks for the input, Jamesh!

The sub does have a class D amp (power consumption rated 650W) and with my Sierra-2EX monitors being driven as high pass (50Hz+), my A/B power amp has No strain what so ever on it!

I already have a Huge sound stage with width, height and depth that easily goes beyond my wall boundaries (90sf music room)…often mind blowing with what you See vs what you Hear!! What additional benefits could I realize with the P3 powering the whole system?


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My P3 powers my SGCD, two M700s, my streamer, my phono preamp, and a digital disc player, all on regenerated power, and I’ve never yet seen it in distress. No audible problems, not even a change in the LED color on the front panel, and I’ve had the system playing PDL (pretty darned loud).

The change I heard most readily in using the P3 (and it was subtle, coming from a P500) was an increase in audible detail in the recordings, sometimes very low-level detail. I’m not an engineer, so I can’t state definitively why that is, but my uneducated guess is a decreased noise floor in the system.


With lowered noise along with rock solid regulated voltage, the improvement is pretty profound. As hard as it is to believe, you’ll get more of what you’re describing here. More perceived dynamic range. Something I don’t often hear discussed with adding a regen is how it improves low level listening. If you turn down the volume, the frequency response stays even and the soundstage doesn’t collapse.


Jamesh and Craig,

Appreciate the info…can hardly imagine better than what I have, but certainly seems worth a try! Does the P3 come with a quality power cord, or do I need to consider purchasing a good “high end” AC cord?


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Always a pleasure Ted! It comes with a pretty standard off the shelf cable so you can get plugged in right away. I would upgrade it when possible. The power cable feeding the regen is not something to ignore.

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For what it’s worth, my P3 is fed via a PS Audio aftermarket cable that’s about 10 or 12 years old. I got my previous regenerator, a P500, as a demo unit way back when, and the dealer threw in a couple of power cables from PSA and Signal Cable. I use the PSA cable for the P3, and the Signal for a PSA Ultimate Outlet that powers my turntable motor and my subwoofer amp.

Not to beat this topic to death, but what about adding in the two sumiko s.9 subwoofers?

So in total:

S300 power amp
stellar gain cell pre-amp
transport: cd or turntable
two sumkido s.9 subs (300watts each, but I doubt their avg draw even approaches that).

I can’t imagine this would be too much for a P3. The subs could overload it, but I agree with you, it’s not likely they will.

I have P12 with the following gears plug into it
SGCD / M700s / DSDAC / PST / pair of 750W JL Audio D110 subs.
Power usage is under 150w

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What additional improvements besides increased capacity are there in the P12 compared to the Stellar P3?

Thank you for this graph. This the real-life information I’m looking for.

I check the spec of your sub, it is class AB. So, power efficiency is about 50%. My sub is class D, which has good power efficiency. So, I guess you subs will draw more power than mine.
When I get my P12 at that time P3 just release, I seriously looked into P3, 300W in P3 vs 1000W in P12, plus, P3’s HC outlet is HC or regen, but all P12 outlets are regen including HC zone. I also use the network feature a lot. Of course, P3 has very good price.

IMHO I would never put a sub to a regenerator. Normally the range of it goes up to max 50 - 60 Hz and I never heard any difference between my P20 and my Dectet. The frequencies are too low to detect much sonic differences and take away headroom from the rest of the system.

Agree that Subs might not make sonic difference with or without regen power, it is the placement count.
I plug my subs to P12 for two very simple reasons:

  1. There are spared outlets available in my P12
  2. I like to have “clean” power to my hifi gears.