Power Plant 3 thoughts


Would I be able to power a SGCD, S300 and a Rel T7i from a PP3? I dont play particularly loud and I have a small 9ft x 7ft room so as you imagine you dont need a lot of volume.

What likely benefits would I see in my system?

Thanks Dave

What type of cables do you have from the SGCD to the S300? And how is the sub connected? The reason I ask…I have a SGCD and M700 monoblocks powered by a P12, along with 2 SVS subwoofers. The biggest improvement I made to the system (by far) was connecting XLR cables between the SGCD & M700’s (I use the rca outputs on the SGCD for connecting the subs). 2nd biggest improvement was the P12 regenerator. The improvements are in midrange smoothness, openness, clarity and resolution. The subs are not connected to the P12. The improvement from using the xlr connections is so dramatic that I will not go back to rca cables between the SGCD & M700 monoblocks.

You shouldn’t have a problem with the P3 powering this system. The T7i is one of the subs that they are using an A/B amp inside, so you’ll want to keep an eye on that guy. Regardless, I really doubt you’d push the limits of the P3. Specially with you not needing to pressurize a big room.

Two most common comments I hear once someone puts a regen in their system is a sense of space and separation. Other than a subwoofer, I argue a PowerPlant is one of the most crucial pieces to a stereo system.


Connected XLR between the pre and power. Sub is connected high level input from the binding terminals on the S300.

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I had my P3 in a 12x14 foot room powering A Luxman L509x 125W integrated amp, DS DAC, CR-1 electronic crossover and (2) JL Audio e110 subs at 1200W max each. NEVER had an issue or power draw warning light come on. And I played it as loud as the room could handle at times. You will be fine.

And just to clarify, ALL those components were powered in regenerated mode.