P3 + DirectStream + PrimaLuna Integrated?

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this combo? It might be pushing the P3 past its limit, as the Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated is 280 watts (42 watts per channel - ultralinear) by itself and then I use a PSA DirectStream DAC MkI and iFi Zen Stream (w/ LPS). Any thoughts if/how it’d work? Thanks

I use a P3 with a BHK250, BHK Pre and DS DAC (all regen) with no issues.


Wow, didn’t expect that. I guess I could try it and just use it for the front end (on a dedicated 15A line) and put the Primaluna on its own dedicated 20A line, if the P3 can’t handle it.

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I am powering a set of M1200’s, a Rockna Wavelight DAC and a Cyrus CD transport (all regen), also with no problems from my P3.
Just noticed, that there’s a Promo pricing on the P12 in February. Wonder how much they are discounted; maybe it’s time for an upgrade ?