P3 Fault Modes?

Second morning I’ve come out to see my P3 doing the red/blue flashing / power off thing. The instruction manual says this condition means input voltage is too high; however, the P12 on the same circuit is not indicating any input voltage spikes (highest voltage is 123V).

What does this mean? There was a storm last night. Does the P3 go into fault mode from a power spike? Again, the P12 operated normally throughout.

The P3 code for the protection is pretty different from that of the P12. It may just be sensitive enough to have tripped where the P12 didn’t mind. If you’re getting the 123V number from PowerPlay, keep in mind that the voltage is taken as an average. It could have spiked quite a bit higher than that. If this starts to happen on a regular bases without any storms in the area, then we might want to take a look at it.