P3 not connecting to the internet


I have just bought and set up a Powerplant P3, everything is working fine except that I’m unable to access the powerplay page. I have registered and entered my unit ID but the page says that my unit is offline.

The blue light over the IP sign on the unit is blinking so the network connection should be wrong but I can access the local webpage so I don’t understand what is happening.

Any help would be really welcome !



I have the blinking light but when I try to access the local webpage with http://powerplant I get the wm.com website that gives information on propulsion and such. I have the PP connected to my router with a CAT5 ethernet cable. I saw there was an answer from Ted on here once upon a time but the link he gave to fix it is no longer available, and since PowerPlay and GlobalNet haven’t worked for some time, that’s not an option either. Anyone have a recent solution for this? I just registered the PP3 but it gives no insight about being online/connected, nothing like that.

http://powerplant works fine for me.

Is the back power switch on?

What is the blinking light to which you refer? For having an Ethernet cable plugged in?

I clicked on your http://powerplant link and it takes me to https://wn.com/Powerplant/wikipedia. The power plant is on and regenerating power to my components. I plugged the Ethernet cable into another port in my router and now the the blue light that’s supposed to show the status of an internet connection on the front (between the input voltage and the current power usage, but lower on the display) is now constantly on, so that’s a good thing. I got the wn,com/powerplant page when I type the address into the Google browser, so I tried going directly to Internet Explorer and typing in http://powerplant but then I get this:

. I have connectivity to the internet but not picking up the Power Plant. Not sure what I’m missing.

OK, I’ve got it working now - the McAfee firewall was stopping me from getting to the Power Plant, so I turned it off briefly and was able to bring up the local page.