No longer able to assess website for P3

I once had access to the P3 website on my PC browser. I accessed by typing Powerplant in the Chrome bar.

It’s been a couple of months since i have tried to access and now i can’t. I have an ethernet connection from the P3 to the modem and ethernet from the modem to the PC. The P3 gives me the blue light indicating ethernet access. I reset my modem.

I have run out of troubleshooting ideas. I must be something simple…, i hope.

It may be due to the fact that they stopped making the P3.

Mmmmmm, i bet not. The only way to configure the outlets is online.

UPDATE: I have accessED Powerplay and found my unit’s IP address. Typing that into my browser gives me “partial” access to local network access to the P3. For example, i get the front page, but with no graphics. The site is very slow… and i can’t change the delay time.

Not suggesting they shouldn’t still have it functional - just saying that a couple of weeks ago at Axpona I found out from Paul that they don’t sell it anymore. I own one. I thought perhaps they might be reconfiguing the website as a result. Just a thought.

I still have access of my P3.

Either via the control tab beneath my user name when I log in to this site. ( shows just basic stats and allows control / naming of the outlets )

Or via the web page. ( shows basic stats, outlet control / naming and extended data logging )

You may have to re-register your unit ID.

While we did remove the active product page we did not remove access for control of the P3s. Contact us at the phone number at the top of the page or email support at PS Audio and we’ll get you fixed up. Sorry for any problems.