P3 / P12 Comparison

I’d be surprised if this hasn’t already been discussed but I can’t find a P3/P12 comparison. Other than differences in published specs is the P12 fundamentally different than the P3? My baseless impression is the P12/15/20 are scaled versions of each other and the P3 is a stand alone design.

I’m sure @jamesh might have an idea, this is something I would like to know as well.

The two major improvements of the P12 over the P3 is the voltage regulation and lower output impedance. No matter what’s coming into the P12 and what the downstream gear is pulling, the P12 is a lot better at keeping the voltage a solid 120V (U.S. voltage). This difference is large enough to hear.

All of the current PowerPlants are essentially a paired down design of the P20. Smaller as you go down the line with lower power capabilities and slightly less voltage regulation as well.


Many thanks Sir James.