P3 vs. Adcom ACE-515

I was curious if anyone has first hand knowledge of what a P3 in filter mode would sound like on power amps vs an Adcom ACE-515? I’ve been told by PSA that a P12 would be best suited to my system. I’d like to do that but I just can’t swing that right now. My thought would be to buy a P3, run it for a few years and then take advantage of the generous trade in allowance on the P12. I could at least regenerate the source components and plug my M1200s into the filtered outlets. Thoughts?

I had one of those years ago. Sold it long ago. Tough to say how they would compare. The P3 is modern regenerator technology. The ACE-515 was more of a power conditioner. Useful, but I would doubt its in the same league as the P3. Used the Adcom ACE-515 with a first gen GFA/GFP-555 rig.

You could also look for a used P5, the generation power plant prior to the P12.