P300 and Ultimate

Hi everybody, I am new here, from Italy
Testing is very hard for me
I have P300, Ultimate outlet HC, 2 Pass Aleph30’s drawing a minimum of 200 watts each.

I can choose between : 2 Aleph30’s into the Ultimate outlet or
2 Aleph30’s into 2 wall AC outlets, and the Ultimate in combination with the P300 and electronics ?
(Korg mr2000 with recorded vinyl, and Marantz SA11-2)

So far my slight impression is that the Aleph30 are a little better plugged into the wall outlets.
I am still testing the other options,
Maybe somebody had a similar experience and would share some ideas ?

This year is almost over, and best wishes to all

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Go direct to the wall with the Alephs. Check the caps on those P300’s. The P300 was known to have heat build up issues that resulted in the capacitors overheating. In some cases they vented. Open your unit up after having it unplugged for at least an hour and check the capacitors for bulging, or worse yet that the vents released the electrolyte. I’d suggest either recapping or replacing the P300s.

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Many thanks,
good advice, in fact I was already thinking of replacing the caps, except that here
it would take months…
I just had caps replaced on the Aleph30’s with a really huge improvement.
Btw, I am feeling that the Ultimate is, at best, useless (protection apart)
Thanks again

anybody knows which type are the 3300 uF caps, radial or snap-in ?