P300 Restoration MJL21193G supply challenge


This is a long shot. I’m repairing a P300 Powerplant, it appears 2x MJL21193 and MJL21194 output transistors are shorted. Rest of the board seems fine and is tank like in build :wink:

So this is my challenge:

  1. The MJL21194G is easy to get, local stock abounds (surprisingly, because I am in a 3rd world country), but the MJL21193G is a no go, globally there is no stock, the closest estimate I can get is September 2023… maybe… Even On Semi does not have an availability date.

So, long shot questions, is there any substitute I could use for the MJL21193 and MJL21194?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome @kolakidd !

I do not know but hopefully someone here can be of help.

The “G” is the lead free version. I believe they are interchangeable.


Yes, that’s correct, unfortunately though they are the ones out of stock (MJL21193G). The original non-G (MLJ21193 & MJL21194) version has been obsolete for quite a while.