P5 briefly showing approximate 2x power

Hey all. First post here and wish it was with a more positive topic.

Anyways I’ve had a p5 in my system since the end of last year and it’s been doing a great job. This last week though I came down to use the system and found that the p5 had shown a short circuit error over night. I reset everything and check the cables and all seemed good for the next few days. Yesterday I noticed this same error had occurred. Again reset the system and all went back to working for a few hours then it happened again during a listening session.

After that I decided to take a closer look at the scope and saw that even when my amp was just sitting idle the power would jump momentarily from 84w to 150w! Freaking out I turned the amp off and to start trying to isolate what I was seeing I turn on my record player with the amp off. Similarly I saw the power go momentarily from 13w to more like 24w.

The thd and volts aren’t changing at all and are where they should be from what i can tell.

Before I do anything else figured I’d come ask the experts if they have any thoughts / suggestions.

Really appreciate it!

It might be something benign like a metering error, as far as the jumping. The short indicator is usually a cable that’s either loose or defective. You might make sure everything’s alright on that account.

Keep an eye on it.

Many thanks for the reply Paul! I’ll pick up a multimeter and check the cables and look again for anything loose etc.