P5 multiwave strength setting

I have recently purchased a P5 unit for my headphone-based audio system (PWT => Matrix Sabre-X Pro DAC => Vioelectric V281 headphone amplifier => HiFiMan HE1000 headphone).

These are my power input values-:

Voltage = 123V

THD = 1.8%

These are my power output values (with the default MW strength setting of 4)-:

Voltage = 120V

THD = 0.1%

Load = 7%.

My question-: Is there a theoretical reason to choose a MW strength setting of 5 or 6. What difference will it make? Can the P5 unit register a THD value of <0.1 % (eg. 0.05%)?


The only reason to use multiwave is if it sounds better to you. Try 5 and 6 and see if you like it.

I am not aware of any theoretical reason to use a particular multiwave setting. Perhaps there is one.

Exactly. Thanks, Elk.