P5/P10 Multiwave Update - CD Card MUST remain unlocked

I followed the rules and put the files on the SD card. I locked the card - however the card MUST REMAIN UNLOCKED for the load to succeed.

Good to know. So how many times did you try it first . Hahaha


Welcome, danofesherintheuk!

Do you mean you unlocked the card, put the new files on the card, locked the card and then the PowerPlant would not accept the new firmware?


Yes, I locked the card before trying to load it. It failed to work. I then got a card from my distributor - I noticed it was unlocked but the files were identical to my card. I then unlocked both cards and because I have two P10s I left one card in each. I powered up the two P10s and both loaded the new firmware. The instructions obviously tell you to unlock the card to format it or to load the files on it - the instructions don’t tell you to keep the card unlocked!.

Very interesting.

I expect to unlock the card to copy files on to it. But I would not think if would matter if it were locked or unlocked to perform the upgrade.