Brand New P12 Brick!

I have had my Brand New P12 for 4 days. All was going well until today. I started playing music through my PS Audio DS Dac… I noticed my THD was 2.1 in and 1.6 out. Last few days the out was .1

So I called support and they had my power the unit off and on. When it came back on the OSD was stuck in initialize and the 4 outlets were stuck red and wouldn’t go green. Support has me reload firmware. That is not working. I put files on a 16g SD Card, Fat32 all 6 files. Insert , power unit on with switch. Button flashes for 30 seconds and then unit starts to same result.

Anyone have any answers? Support is now closed :frowning:

Thanks in Advance,

If it was working before that would mean the FW had been installed correctly at some point in time. So try powering off the unit, take out the SD card, and then power it up again and see if you get any further.

This is not exactly a parallel case but I’ve had issues with SD cards in the PWD and in my P10 and this approach helped. For the PWD it got stuck trying to re-install the FW each time when the SD card was installed, which was not desired.

good luck!

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I have done all that. I would presume the latest firmware was loaded. This unit was built 10 days ago.

One other thing - and this is likely just b/c I run older PS gear, but their earlier gear had a limitation on the size of the SD card that would work in it - 1 GB. You or others might know whether newer kit can take bigger SD cards.

Im using a 16g card. Support told me 32 and under. I have tried reformatting the card a few times. Loading the 6 files on. Nothing is working.

Steve, well, I am out of not very useful suggestions then! I hope someone else might help you with a fix today.

I am too. I’ve had the unit for 4 days. Very disappointed :disappointed:

If it’s any consolation, I had three P20 bricks before the fourth arrived in proper shape. Shipping damage.

The juice is worth the squeeze.

PS gear comes with 4GB SD cards. I am not sure if that helps. My P15 came with one.

Audio gear infant death is a thing that happens. With some places you don’t get a new piece, you get a refurb. Not with PS Audio I’m guessing.

That is shocking to me. Was it same issue, stuck with red colered outlets and initializing?

Did they send replacements right out?

Sound to me that the problem is not the FW but some part is loose or damage during shipping. They are having problems with shipping. I also recently received my new P12 and P20 and both units arrived with issues. Under the supervision from PS Audio I was able to open the P12 case and found the problem. Now all good with my P12. With the P20 that’s a different story that I can’t fix. Waiting to hear from PS Audio for replacement.

Was your issue same as mine? Couldn’t get past Initialize screen?? Red Outlets?

do they ever get green and revert back to red, or do they stay red all of the time?

Did you try switching them on, one by one, from a computer, using the LAN connection?

You could also try setting one of them to “always on” config and see what happens. You can do this either by LAN or by the screen.

From my experience with a p20 (THD out suddenly rising, getting even above the THD in), you could have a bad oscillator board. But my p20 never got stuck on red.

Hey Darth… that’s a shame…send jamesh a pm perhaps your P12
being so new could be replaced…satisfaction guarantee…

Best wishes

The issue with mine was a loud noise on the fan. Everything else was working fine. When I opened the case, I saw some loose screws that I was able to put them back. Then I tighten the connectors and now all good. The P20 I can’t touch because that is a different issue. More cosmetic I think and hope.

Sounds like you’re already in touch with our service team. From what I hear they’re going to try and get a new one ready for you ASAP! Such things are moving at a less than speedy pace right now.

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It’s really annoying when a new piece of gear fails right off the bat, but it happens. Fortunately, you are in great hands with PS Audio. Years ago I bought a P5 from a dealer in the Toronto, Ontario, area and two of the outlets were dead. The dealer had me call PS Audio and they not only sent me a new P5 right away, they paid for the return of the defective P5. Hugely impressed with their service.

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It happenes… They are sending me a new unit today express Saturday Delivery!!!


If it’s any consolation, PS Audio will take care of your issue promptly and when you get the new unit, you will experience the improvement this amazing P12 can do to your system. A better fuse and power cord can also help dramatically in sound with this unit.
I bought a brand new P12 a few years ago and it worked perfectly first time and every time for three years before I traded it in for a P20. Same with the P20. No issues at all, and the sound I’m getting with this unit in the system is unbelievable.
These regenerators are killer for video quality also.