P10 Trouble

Just installed my 2 x P10 and one of the two units is not powering up. Tried reset button, checked fuse. No joy. I’ll check with tech support tomorrow, but anyone has any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? I’d hate to have to ship it back. It is at the bottom of a stack of two behind my audio rack and took me 1 hour of backbraking work to install. Oh well…

Yikes. Are these new units? The chances of a brand new unit not powering up are really small - given the amount of testing and break in they go through. Tell us a bit more about the circumstances.

Yep. Brand new. Not much to say other than I did not boot up straight out of the box. Very strange since no doubt it was tested and worked when it shipped. I’ll try to put in a call later today. Just wondering if there is anything trivial I might have overlooked, or some procedure I could try at home.

Is the SD card pushed in? I put the SD card in mine when I got it, pushed it in. . . it wouldn’t boot up. Pushed it out. . . it booted out. I think the SD card may have been for 220 volt.

Also. . . is the unit possibly on but the display off?

It has no SD card. The working unit (I have two), does not have it either, so I assumed the firmware is loaded. Worth a try. The unit does not turn on. Blue light on front does not light up wither.

Okay. Mine received a few months ago had an SD card in the packaging and I mistakenly installed it and gave myself a few scary minutes.

Sorry this has happened. Hopefully customer service can fix this quickly and easily.

Sure. But mine does not have the SD card installed so it should be OK. At this point all I can think of doing do is rolling the dice and insert the card.

I don’t recommend that, it was not the right thing to do in my case. And if you didn’t do so on the one that works, it doesn’t seem to be needed. (Wasn’t needed for mine to operate correctly).

Just tried. Either way - no joy. Unit appears to be completely dead. Will call tech support in an hour and see what they have to say.

Have you checked the fuses in case one blew immediately on power-up?

I eyeballed the fuse and thought it would be visible is it was blown. Turns out it is not (thanks tech support for pointing this out). Inserted the fuse from my 2nd unit and it now boots up fine. Big relief. My back is still hurting from moving the units behind my audio rack yesterday. Was not looking forward to taking it back out.

Good news! Whew!

Damn fuses!

Paul McGowan said Damn fuses!
I hope the fuses are going to be good for my newly ordered P10 and BHK 250.