A few questions on firmware updates...

I have a P10 that's almost 2yrs old and I'm going to perform my first firmware update. I removed the SD card and inserted it into my MacBook Pro and it (SD card) came up on the desktop as "No Name" and when I opened it the only thing I saw was a PS Logo bitmap of 819KB. Now I'm confused. I thought that a copy of the initial firmware was installed on the card and that if anything happened I would be able to reinstall. There are no visible files other than the Bitmap. I also thought that the P10 would receive updates automatically via the internet (I guess that feature never came to fruition).

So my questions are...

1. Should I reformat and what is the format? Now remember I have a Mac not a PC.
2. Should I leave the name of the SD card "NO NAME"?
3. Will the firmware update erase any of my current settings?... (i.e. names, IP addresses, etc)
4. Are there any problems that I should be aware of ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I figured it out… the P10 is at the latest update now. Strange that the SD card did not show any files on it.

The P10 would have come with the FW on it - it doesn’t need to reside on the card for it to work.

Both of my P10s are connected to our home network with Ethernet cables for use with PowerPlay/GlobalNet. Is there now a way to update firmware of the P3/P5/P10 via the internet if connected to one’s home network without having to use a SD card?



This does not appear to be the case. The units do not have a method of requesting and handling the download to my knowledge.

That’s right - you need to use the SD card.

Thats what I thought when I last visited firmware updates before. No big deal though. :wink:

What enhancements does the latest firmware bring?

The last substantive update resolved incorrect instances of error messages being displayed when the condition does not exist. That is, it eliminates false positives. This was released in the summer of last year.

There was also a later update, but I do not know what it was designed to address. If you happen to have a unit produced in September of last year or later, you have the latest firmware.

Thanks Elk, much appreciated.

I have a 2 year old P10 and have never updated. Since I had no error messages, I just left it to do it’s job, which it does very well.

Now that you are thinking of a firmware upgrade you will not be able to get it out of your mind . . . your inner tweaker needs satisfaction . . .

Same boat as Gordon, why mess with perfection and risk screwing something up. Until Elk tells us there is a sonic benefit to the upgrade I will act as if it doesn’t exist. :slight_smile:

Elk said: your inner tweaker needs satisfaction . . .

I am presently meditating on the VSC so other firmware is taking a rear seat.

mosttoysrsk said: Until Elk tells us there is a sonic benefit to the upgrade

I wish I was able to do so, but my understanding is the updates were display/internal management related. That is, really boring. :)

There are existing bugs in the latest firmware related to power down - outlets left on. I submitted bug reports to Marcus a few months back, it would be nice if those got taken care of.


I recently bought 2 new P10s. I have both set up to have all outlets on all the time without any apparent problems.

Could you be more speficic on the Bugs “related to power down” and what PS Audio did about them, if anything? Thanks and appreciated.