P5 THD out is higher than THD in

Just turned on my P5 and after letting it settle, I wanted to show a friend how good it was and was scrolling through the Scope screens to show off the smooth output curve.

To my shock (!) I noticed that the output wave form looked worse than the input waveform with some extra notches on it for good measure.

Furthemore, the THD out is 2.2% while the THD in is only 2.0%.

Is there anything I can try or is my P5 broken?

thanks in advice for any advice.


This does not look good.

I suggest shutting it down and loading the latest firmware (or reinstalling a previous version) just to make sure the loaded firmware has not become corrupt. Otherwise I suspect it will need to come home for repair. cry

Perhaps. The other possibility is something’s gone very wrong with your incoming power. We’ve seen this on occasion. If Elk’s cure does not fix things, try changing the phase (on the front panel setup menu) to see if that helps. If it does, the problem’s on your line and the Power Plant will not be ok. You can call us for instructions.

Thanks, Paul. I was unaware bad incoming power could cause this level of a problem.