Brand new p5 troubles

Hi there…
Just got my p5 and plugged it in, initially just putting my preamp (tubed) and my Directstream Jr.

Input showing 218 v (I live in Pakistan) and output shows 230…until I turn either component on. Output voltage drops to 190 or thereabouts. Incoming thd is 1.5. Output thd is above 5pct.

Cant figure out what to do… Have written to PS but will hear from them after the weekend… Meantime if someone here has any ideas, they would be highly appreciated! So so disheartening!

Meantime gonna do a fw update.


Hi, Fauzi

Are you certain you have a 230V unit?

Yes, elk… For sure.

OK… An update. Put in the latest firmware and still no love.
At my wits end, I decided to try to plug in the p5 into a socket which is connected to the ups… And I turned on the DSJ, and it stayed 230 for a bit in the scope… I then left the scope and went into the menu to turn on Zone A to try my preamp… And went into the scope to find the voltage at 190…
So I powered the unit down from the back and restarted… And it held its voltage with both units on for a good ten minutes…

I wonder if there is something wrong with that particular socket… Though for the life of me, I can’t figure out what in a socket would cause that behavior on the p5.

That doesn’t sound good. I can’t believe a brand new P5 would be broken. Not with the testing and burn in they go through. So we must think there’s something else amiss. I’ll get service on it this morning but I am wondering what’s happening to the input voltage when the output drops. Can you check that for me?

Hi there Paul… Input voltage stays the same. 218 or so.

I did update the firmware and its been stable since.

Will keep you postednand look forward to hearing from support.

Warmest Regards,

Fauzi Garib

It may be a phase issue too.

Fuazi, are you able to post a picture of the output waveform when you are experiencing the issue? This will help Paul and his team to determine whether phase is the problem.

Hi Elk,

There ya go.

Just so you know, this hasn’t manifested itself since last night again.

Putting the amps on them in a couple of hours.

What say you?

Warmest Regards,

Fauzi Garib

Gents, it seems to be holding stable… Getting a hum, but I suspect that’s an issue with the earthing on my outlet.

A question: stable voltages are a rare thing in ghee summers in Pakistan. In fact while I was testing on load, the wall voltage went down to 205 and PS audio output went down to 215.

Would it be a good idea to put the PS audio on a large ups? The one I have is 3kva and has a built in stabiliser as well.

Please let me have your input.

As far as the issue that I started this thread with, after a few hours of running the system on load, I don’t seem to be able to repeat what I saw.

I’m hoping the firmware update has fixed it.

Warmest Regards,

Fauzi Garib

HI fauzigarib,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this and sorry to hear that you are having this trouble.
A THD output of 5% is absolutely not factory spec.
Especially considering that the THD input is 1.5%.
If you would please reach out to us at and we will get your P5 serviced.
Thanks in advance,

  • Jeremy
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My two cents:-
You mentioned that your wall output went down to 205V. If you’ve determined that from the P5’s reported voltage input, I’d also use a voltmeter to double check the figures.
The unit may have to be calibrated.
NB: If the P5 is expected to cut or boost the voltage above a certain point, your THD out will be higher than THD in. I’m not sure what this “certain point” is, but 25V may already be too much.
If you’ve determined that - indeed - the input voltage is - on average - consistently low, then one workaround would be to calibrate / set the P5’s output voltage to (say) 220V instead of 230V, so that instead of (say) 25V, the P5 only has to compensate for 15V. This will improve THD.
I may be in the same boat. Here in SA, I’ve observed my voltage to drop, on occasion, to 170V - causing my P10 to shut down. The shutting down to protect is O.K., but - as the power fluctuates in these low regions, the P10 attempts to switch on / fails / switch on / fails (etc) continuously allowing power to my equipment to be powered / cut / powered / cut which could be disastrous …
I’ve bought myself a “3KVA pure sine online” UPS. [Must still install though]. It’s less than one tenth of the cost of my P10 - and one fifteenth of the P20, which I intend to get soon :smile:


The problem reared it’s ugly head again. :frowning:

I can’t repeat it, but all of a sudden, under load, the THD out (normally maintained at 0.1) starts to go all wonky at 2.5 and voltage plummets… All while the input voltage and thd seem to be stable.

And the equipment connected obviously doesn’t work.

Warmest Regards,

Fauzi Garib

I suspect phase.

Hi Paul,

So what should I do? Set the phase to something else?

Warmest Regards,

Fauzi Garib

Let me get you with Jeremy or James. I am convinced the P5 is working properly but your power in Pakistan may just be problematic and they can help.

Can you email

I did earlier today. Looking forward to a response.


Btw, I have the p5 plugged into a 3kva ups now. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

Warmest Regards,

Fauzi Garib

Hi fauzigarib,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this and sorry to hear that you are continuing to have this trouble with the P5.
I am concerned about the 5% THD output.
If you continue to see this after adjusting the Phase Tune please reach out to me at
We will get you taken care of.

  • Jeremy

How do I adjust the Phase? What value should I start at?

Warmest Regards,

Fauzi Garib

I’m ow how to adjust the Phase but what value should I start at?

Warmest Regards,

Fauzi Garib