P5 Problem

My powe plant P5 was working fine till last week. All of a sudden the graphs and all are all flat. The P5 it self still works as in all the components still power on and music still plays. All the various graphs are now just flat on the powerplay web page as well as the screen on the P5 itself. For example the distortion is a constant 0.1% flat and it’s only one line no distortion in and out. Voltage is also flat at 0 no in and out. Any thing that I can do my self to resolve the issue or is this a bigger problem. I am not based in the US so sending it in is not an option.
Not sure if this is relevant but when I turn on the P5 the first 2 outlets are off which was never the case before. I can turn them on and they stay on till the unit is on.

When you arrow through the scope menu and it shows you the figures for distortion in vs out, what do those numbers say?

Nothing there are no lines of any sort. All I see are the cross axis with no input or out out lines. I will take a picture and post it here tomorrow.

Not the graphs but that actual data. If you arrow through the scope menu, the data is displayed as numbers on the last screen.

It’s blank. No information is displayed.

Shoot, that’s not a good sign. It likely needs to go in for service. If you haven’t already, try completely powering it down with the rear switch, let it set for a bit and turn it back on. If you have the same result, you should reach out to your local distro and ask if they can get it fixed up for you.

same problem

Is it normal THD in 1,4% and THD out 1,1%? Thanks

This does not appear normal. I would expect 0,1 or 0,2 out.

as suspected…
this is a screenshot. Also voltage seems strange…

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Yes, these figures aren’t right. Reach out to your local distributor. They’ll be able to get you back up and running.

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Reading through this thread …it seems that there is an over looked
possible solution…unplug P5 from wall completely. Wait a few minutes,
then plug it back in and let the P5 re-initialize…I been down that road
a time or two with some very crazy looking graphs…Upon reinitilaizing’
the P5’s chip reboots with a fresh reloading of the software.

Give it a try…it might work for you as it did for me…I hope it does!!

Please let us know if this worked for you !!

Best wishes friend


Have tried to unplug from the wall wait 30 mins and then plug back in did not work for me. Don’t hold out much hope with the local distro as they are just a post office.
My question now is wether to keep using it or remove it from the chain completely. I do have a stabilizer on the main supply so voltage variation is not a concern. IS this doing more harm then good? It does still work as in the equipment plugged into the P5 still powers on and works as per normal.

srafi…sorry to read this did not work for you…

Wishing you a good outcome

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I doubt continuing to use the unit will harm anything, but it appears broken so I would bring it in to be fixed.