P5: is it normal that THD Out is greater than THD In?

I notice that my P5 unit’s THD Out is greater than THD In, i.e., THD in is 1.7%, THD Out is 2.0%.
Is this normal? What could be causing this?

Try a full stop…unplug P5 from wall…pause then plug back in
let it reinitalize …should take care of it similar thing happened
to my P5

Let us know how it goes from there

This can be a sign the regeneration circuitry has failed. If restarting the unit does not solve the problem I suggest contacting PS Audio.

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Certainly shouldn’t be that way. In power play has it always been this way?

Thanks, David. Yes, unplugging and re-plugging the unit worked. Problem solved.


I am grateful that you tried this and that this simple solution worked
for you :clap: :clap:

Great news!

That’s a surrealities sign your regenerator has died. You should contact us for service.

Glad the unplug worked. Keep a close eye on it. As a few have mentioned, that usually not a good sign and means the regen has failed.

Thanks. I will.

The same thing happened to my P5 a few months ago. I ended up sending the unit back to PS Audio for repair. The unit, upon arrival at PSA was working fine and they could not replicate the problem. P5 was sent back to me and that issue has not occurred sense.

So, this raises an question in terms of the root cause. Could this happen as a result of some intermittent problem that doesn’t amount to a major hardware failure (i.e. software related)? Or, is this issue (which resolves from a hard reboot) an indication of pending hardware failure?

I’m a bit concerned this same problem with my P5 did occur in my home twice despite it not occurring during PSA’s testing.

Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I will keep an eye on it.

That’s the big question. I’m not sure what would cause it. I’m tempted to think it’s a weird blip in SW because it’s fine after a power cycle. When the regen dies, it will completely stop regulating. A power cycle doesn’t fix it.