P500 "clean" function resetting components...

I have a Power Plant P500 with the modifications performed by Cullen Circuits (affiliated with PS Audio).

Occasionally when I use the clean function, one of the components plugged into it will reset as if power was briefly interrupted. It is intermittent. I also recently got a Bryston SP3, and the clean function blew one of the internal fuses.

Is this a known behavior? I’m very reluctant to use the clean function as the SP3 case is held by 31 Torx 8 screws!

Thank you.

Chris V

It has been seen before and some units react to the wiggling sinewave as if it were a dropout. I would discontinue use.

a little late to this thread but i have sililiar issue with an Aurender N100H that will not play nice with my P500 regenerated outlets. it randomly goes into standby mode and will not recover unless I cycle its power. very intermittent but benn happenimg since i bought the Aurender. But it works fine when plugged into the filtered outlet or direct into the wall. is there some level of noise generated that may not impact audio but could mess with digital logic?

I quit using the cleaner on my P300 as it was causing my power amp transformer to buzz. It took a while to figure out what was going on.

And the amp is not plugged in to the P300, but is on the same circuit.