Regenerator Cleaning Function on Switching Power Supplies?

Is the cleaning function on the regenerators ok for both linear and switching power supplies.

This function seems to work great on all of my linear power supplies i connect to it…but, when i connect a switching power supply the switching transformer brick makes an auditable sound during the cleaning process…just made me nervous.

Anyone else have this issue?

No worries. The hum isn’t going to hurt anything.


All i wanted to hear, thanks Paul

I have also had components hum with clean wave. After years of Power Plant use everything is fine.

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Does anybody remember George Cardas’ stylus cleaning and system degaussing LP? I still have it and does wonders on my turntable and phono stage!

Not sure it’s entirely safe. Twice, the clean function “fried” the auxiliary (smaller) SMPS supplying power to the on/off relay switch in my Jeff Rowland Design group’s 725 mono block amp, rendering the amp inoperative. I would avoid using the clean function for any SMPS devices which emit either a loud groan or a raspy scream. In my amplifiers, I heard the latter - a loud, staccato tearing noise synchronized to the duration of the Cleanpower countdown.

Do you have any details as to why this SMPS was unhappy with clean wave?

As to why this might have happened, I think that SMPS devices anticipate and leverage the consistency and predictability of a 50/60Hz sine wave to draw power with regularity; the injection (and decay) of multiple high frequency overtones in the AC line may wreak unexpected havoc and stress the hardware to a point where a component simply bites the dust.

My P15 is still boxed. I will install and connect next day or so. My setup includes two SMPS and three LPS. I will stick to my 30 year old Cardas sweep record and other degaussing frequency CDs :smile:

A good hypothesis.

An SMPS would then also be stressed by THD in the incoming power. Clean wave would be merely an extreme example.