Help! Stellar Power Plant 3 in idle mode but still output power?

I purchased a PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3 about 4 months ago. I’m quite happy with it together with the S300 amp. However, there was an issue today: after I turned off the other components (indeed in stand by mode), I then put the P3 in idle mode. But I realized the other components still getting power from it as the standby LED were still on. Normally after i put the P3 in the idle mode, the other components would be switched off. Does anyone experience the same issue? Any suggestion?

I’ve had exactly the same (except mine was like it from new and I only recently realised that this was wrong). A part has been sent to the UK but I can’t be bothered to get it put in.

But if the P3 is in idle mode, it won’t “regenerate” any power with “mwave”. And I believe it won’t generate the steady 230V. (I am living in Australia.)
In this scenario, would the components receive power from the power points directly?

Support repeatedly tell us that power should be removed from the outlets when you press the blue power button. I consider the manual to be unclear in respect of ‘Bypass Mode’.

Correct. If the P3 is in standby mode, it should not be able to power anything plugged into said P3. Have you completely powered down the P3 with the rear switch to see if that would reset it possibly. Otherwise, it sounds like it may be a sticky relay somewhere.

Yes James, I believe that’s what Scott has sent to Kevin.

Thanks James,
I tried to turn off the main rear switch of P3. This however won’t reset it. When the main switch was turned on again, the other components got the power. Ater that I cannot “switch on” the P3. The PS bluelight won’t turn on at all when I pressed the logo switch or “on” using the remote control, neither do the other blue LED lights.
I have now contacted the dealer. Hopefully I will get the response from him soon.

Thanks for giving that a shot. Sadly I do think it needs to be looked at. Keep us posted and hopefully it’s a speedy visit!