Pacific Audio Fest

Anybody going to Pacific Audio Fest July 29 - 31, 2022 in Seattle?

The second link shows 2021 inadvertently.


I might.

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I will.

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I will be there. Leaving from PDX. Hoping PS Audio brings the FR-30s. @Paul

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I will be there. It is an excuse to escape southern Arizona summer for a few days. Also, I have never been to Seattle.


I just heard about this show, and I’ll definitely drive over for at least one day. I’m only about an hour from SeaTac, so it’s almost a no-brainer…

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It’s this week!

See a couple of you this weekend?

Half of the reason for attending was too escape Tucson heat. So naturally, Seattle gets a heat wave and Tucson is getting clouds. Highs in Seattle will be only a couple of degrees lower than Tucson. I want a do over.
Similar things happen to winter visitors in southern Arizona. A winter storm that lasts a week will arrive right during your big event. The three weeks on either side of your big trip will be great weather. Also, all of the good bands will play just before and/or after your trip.
At least the -lan is to be onside most of the time, but still, it is annoying. Maybe I will have to buy something to make the trip worthwhile.


If I was in the area, I would love to hear Ken Stevens of CAT speak!
Anyone going to catch this discussion?