Paul Gets A Mention in This Months Stereophile Review of DALI’s Callisto 6C

Just got my Stereophile with the one page PS Audio ad with Darren Myers and Stellar Phono Preamp (very cool and well deserved).

But what really caught my interest was Paul being mentioned about his “Paul’s Post” of May 29th of this year. Wireless Speaker Systems are gaining popularity but to me they’re ALL crap Tech driving really well built electronics & loudspeakers. Regardless of the manufacturer.

Without getting into boring “WiFi” lingo & other B.S., there is a way to do “Wifi in yer HiFi” correctly. My own Cheapass way of streaming is all hard wired (as ALL networked audio must be), where my personal Wireless devices just tell the “Streamer” (my Sony UBP-X1000ES) what to play and where to find it. No audio in my Rig is played back over WiFi. I don’t do Roon but locate my files and folders on my Desktop “HTPC” and literally thumb through the files and folders on it’s Hard Disk Drives.

The only Streaming I subscribe to is Neil Young Archives and Spotify (for my Wife & Son & me in the car or riding my Bicycle). I tried and like QoBuz but never tried Tidal nor do I care to. Both service’s are too rich for my blood. I do purchase mainly DSD downloads and some PCM. Haven’t tried the Audirvana 30 day trial to see if will make a difference. Also would like to get either the Sonore or Matrix-2 USB to I2S HDMI box one day.

I don’t care what Tech the manufacturers claim, I can jam it.