Import playlist copy on Roon to Qobuz?

I kid you not…

Best Played with Theoretica BACCH

(Open Qobuz ](Open Qobuz)

Has disappeared, I’am trying to contact Qobuz to ask what happened, any suggestions?


I have the playlist copy on Roon, (how) can I import that to Qobuz?

I have done it before and it’s such a pain in the butt, I don’t even want to talk about it.
For me it was all manual labor that severely harshed my buzz. I imagine there is a “Just click here” solution but I could not find it.

Do not accept my non-solution as a limitation you must accept. Further study may be rewarded.

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That appears to be a colored light product. What am I missing? How does that help Qobuz playlist saving?

Perhaps more clues?

Last two posts deleted, off-topic and already posted in an on-topic thread.

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made a terrible, horrible, stupid mistake

not Soundviz…Soundiiz


No worries, it’s all good here!

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FYI/ Qobuz never replied