Pca-2 , hcps

Hello, Recently acquired this gear. I’m a local Boulder audio aficionado. I’ve owned and loved PS audio preamps since the early nineties. The IV, 6.2 and now PCA-2 HCPS. I love the architecture of this truly Balanced preamp and find that it has a wonderful synergy with my Perfect Wave MK II and Pass Labs X150.5 Dunlavy setup. However. After opening the hood, well… Let’s just say most of the passives will be respectfully replaced. Did I say I love! No LOVE! the architecture! Well really I’m kissing some a** to get the schematic… Would be oh so grateful. Don’t need the HCPS. I like the ask Paul stuff, but how about some more Nelson Pass style benevolence to us lowly guys that solder? Doesn’t seen to hurt his business model. Peace

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Welcome to the forum @pwayland. I think you’ll find there’s a good number of folks here on the forum who are modders.

Perhaps @jamesh can help with your request.

Have a Hakko night!

Cool to hear from another Boulder Audiophile. There are a decent number of us here. I’ll email you some schems in the next few minutes.


Fantastic! Thanks