PDF download of some of the latest Copper Magazine issues?

As the Copper Magazine if still offline due to the website renewal, does anyone happen to have PDF copies of some of the latest issues? I would really appreciate if you could share those here somehow (via Dropbox, or something similar?) while we wait for the website to come back online.

True story: I just decided that yeah, OK, I’m going to read my first ever Copper Magazine issue now that I finally have some time for it. I managed to read the intro + ToC for the latest issue. When I pick up my phone next time to continue reading, it was already offline. Back luck, I suppose :sweat_smile:

Yes, sorry about that. We should have Copper back up and running by early next week.

Cool, thanx for the heads up @Paul !

Still, if someone has any PDFs on their computers, I would appreaciate those. I have still some weekend reading time left :slight_smile: