Contact for COPPER article submissions?

Anyone here or at PSA have an email address for unsolicited (“over the transom”) submissions for publication in COPPER? I’ve looked through what little editorial content there is in several issues, including #1, and didn’t see anything.

I started writing a post for the forum and it turned into a short essay, probably too long for the forum’s intent or purposes. That made me wonder if Frank might be interested in publishing it instead. He and I are FB friends, and I sent him a private message there, but I know he’s been cutting back on his social media presence lately, so he may not see it.

If you’d like, I could PM you his email address. Him and I work pretty closely and he’s quite active over email. Just let me know.

Please do, James, if you think he wouldn’t mind.

Send them to Frank Doris

Thanks, Paul.

Ha, well I was going to save Frank from his email being on here but I guess we’re not too worried about that. :rofl: