Copper Magazine Appreciation

I must compliment you on the Copper magazine. Excellent, and getting better in format as well as content. Good job!

Thanks! It’s all the work of our editor, Leebens. He does a great job.

I miss Woody.

I feel like I have to re up this thread. What a great value Copper is and how much I enjoy reading it. Much thanks to Paul and PS Audio for putting it out. I look forward to it and have learned so much and been introduced to so much reading it.


+1 for Copper. I read every issue usually right on every other Monday morning.

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Agreed. I just finished the latest issue and was thinking the same thing.

And the new editor Frank Doris is doing a bang up job!

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Same here. I read it thru every time but don’t always leave comments or let them know it is appreciated. Having a biweekly magazine is no small or cheap feat.

I miss Woody too. The new editor, Frank Doris, is doing a great job!!!


I am just discovering Copper. I just found though a slight German translation point I thought I should share.

perhaps your’s is the official translation. Anyway just my two cents.

By the way, the piece about the Grateful Dead was very moving. Thank you!

And I do stand corrected, as I am looking at this album on Tidal. Me being overly pedantic. Translating poetry is very fraught.

Thanks! I’ll forward this along.