Copper Magazine - New Format

Sorry PSA, I really, really do not like the new format.

It is so dysfunctional from my perspective, I probably won’t read it anymore.

I know this is an extreme reaction but the layout is practically “discordant” (chose this adjective b/c I wanted to convey the “emotional” reaction I had) to my eyes/sensibilities.

Just a couple of examples:

  1. There is no traditional, at a glance table of contents; and
  2. I can’t find my favorite writer’s offerings because there are no by-lines.

This is a real miss in my opinion.

One man’s view…



I read copper pdf file. Did notice that 133, table of contents is missing. I thought it just editing bug. But 134 also missing table of contents. I guess might be a new format, if so, add me to the “ One man’s view…”

I have not tried downloading/reading .pdf version.

My comments were w/r/t the the online/web-view version (on my iMac).

I’ll give a .pdf version a try.


Just scrolled through the .pdf version of the current issue…

No bueno.

This is a real step (more like 3 steps) backwards (both in appearance and utility), in my opinion.

Maybe it is some sort of beta release?

I’ll stop grousing about it now.

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I read copper pdf file for two simple reasons: 1. Download to my iPad book app, I can read anywhere anytime. 2. iPad book read pdf like a book, I can flip the page, not scroll up/down which makes me dizzy.
Hope the table of contents will be back.

I’ve not commented on the new site before as I thought I’d give it some time. Copper was the thing I enjoyed most as it was more about music than audio. I am completely clueless with the new design, I don’t have any idea where I am. I preferred the site as it was. I don’t get what the changes were trying to fix.

Does everyone understand the table of contents is now graphical?

The issue is as easy to navigate as before, just different in presentation.

By the way, the article Troubadours, Trouvères, and Minnesingers is very good.

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Change takes time to get used to.

As Elk points out, the table of contents is there on every issue just as before, only instead of a simple laundry list, it is a list with pictures and a brief description.

Just go to any current issue and on the right hand side the table of contents scrolls down.

When the new version of Copper launched, the PDFs weren’t working properly. Now they are. Pictures and links are there and if you find anything wrong please do let me know.

To Steven asking what was broken that we were trying to fix. There was nothing “broken” but plenty to be improved upon. In the old Copper, there was no way to read all that a favorite author had written. Now there is. In the old Copper, the layout looked stilted and stiff. Now it has a bit of flow and form. On the home page, there are popular articles to read, there are random older ones you may not have read that come available, etc.

Give it a try and see if you don’t get used to it. I remember back to when we changed the forums. There were plenty of folks who hated the new look and feel but now have come to see the benefits the new brings.

Thanks for working with us.

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@scotte1 what is it about the PDF that’s “no bueno”? I just downloaded it and it looks fine. What am I missing?

One suggestion for the table of contents is to include a byline for each article. This would help those who follow a given author.

Ok, this is very helpful. So the change from page flip to scroll is what’s bothering you. Thanks. We can work on that and bring that back.

I don’t notice that because I only read the online version which does exactly that, from article to article you jump from page to page.

Thanks for the feedback!

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What in the world are you talking about, Dirk. Help me understand with maybe a screenshot? As I scroll through an online Copper article it looks and scrolls just fine. Just like it used to.

Off topic, but I’ll second that!

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I had remarked earlier in the thread:

“I have not tried downloading/reading .pdf version. My comments were w/r/t the the online/web-view version (on my iMac).”

My follow up “No Bueno”, was my noting that I found the .pdf version to be not to my liking as well.

FWIW, I am not averse to change. I read Copper Magazine exclusively on my iMac and it is simply my opinion that the new format is not “better” in any way that appeals to me.

Others are certainly free to disagree and you are free to design and present the publication any way you please, obviously.

If I may make one plea, though: Please add by-lines to the article titles. I think many other readers would appreciate bringing that feature back as well.

Best regards, Paul.


Me too…

This link to all of the author’s work is a nice feature.

I’m one of those who embraces tech change, a necessity in my industry, but I’m still on the journey to enjoying the new Copper format. I’ll get there but it’s taking longer than usual for me.

I love the new format, especially the inclusion of high quality illustrations.

The old mag had the right content but the photos were awful low-res things that hurt my eyes.